Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tagalized Books and things like that
by utaklato

I was like walking my way papunta ng school when I passed by this tindahan
ng children’s books and O-to-the-M-to-the-G I saw what appeared to be like
Hunger Games and Twilight na tinagalog. As in napa-OMG talaga me. Is it the
end of my helluva world? Is this the real life or is this fantasy lang ba?
They were translated na talaga!

Because I was so galit with what I saw, I made pasok to this store nga and
I made buklat those books. Yuck as in so corny the translation ha! I’m so
like galing in reading and stuff pa naman but seeing these made my
tagihawat and wrinkles make labas on my face ha! Nakakairita like super!
Imagine ha, they like Sotto-copied my favorite books talaga as in! Super!

As I turned the pages ng mga libro, I felt that certain galit inside me
boil and boil and boil. I already finished reading both the two books, as
in lahat nabasa ko na, and look what I saw, my treasured books na super
pinapahalagahan ko, they were butchered at nakatay at namurder all at the
same time. As in OMG ha nakakatawa as in super laugh ako while reading this
books like that.

Aside from that, like haller, di ba we have Filipino books naman. Like,
instead of translating the books, why not make imprenta Filpino books so
that ang napapakalat is yung books na truly ours. Oh dibuh, I’m like
instant, whatchacullit? Makabayan. I’m so proud like OM!

All of a sudden, while I was enjoying the humor na syempre may mixture pa
rin ng anger and stuff, someone went beside me and by the looks of her,
she’s a yaya. She’s like wearing this pink uniform that you see in
teleseryes talaga like as in. So, she was reaching for the same title of
the libro that I was reading, and bam, after making buklat a few pages with
ngiti while reading, she went to the cashier to make bili na the book. I
was in awe.

It suddenly occurred to me na, oo nga pala, these people so like can’t read
well in English. We cannot make sisi them for not being able to afford the
education that I am personally feasting on because of the tuition that is
so mahal na only people like me in the elite circle can afford and even
waste. So diba, they can’t enjoy the books na I get to read and ignore
afterwards dahil nabasa ko na. Sayang naman dibuh if they will not be able
to experience yung alam mo yun, you know, the certain sensation of like
fulfillment when you make tapos reading a libro dibuh.

So I was thankful and I would like to express my pasasalamat to the
publisher’s who made benta of these books na sobrang like magandang i-read
dibuh. Kasi, if not for them, those people na poor and unfortunately hindi
nakapag-study will not be able to read and experience the magic of
literature. Of course naman we would not make limot our own, but syempre,
we have to like read foreign na book, right?

I looked at the yaya walking away with that book that she bought. She is
like the one that got away with a promise that even if she is so mahirap,
she can like still afford education and things like that, books and all.
RIght din naman niya yun, dibuh? Like, dibuh? I sighed with relief, and I
promised myself that I will not make tantrums na when I see books like
these just because nabasa ko na ang books na ito, like you know, yung
parang ako lang ang my right to read these. I swear!

Oh no, not 50 shades of effin’ Grey!


  1. Curious ako kung ano ang kakalabasan ng '50 Shades of Grey' kapag tinagalog. What will be their choice of words? *hahaha*

  2. that's so like asar to the max. Di ba right? Hahahaha!

    Kris Aquino ikaw ba yan? Umamin ka na! Ikaw nga Kris! hahaha!

    I've read 50 Shades... in english.... my neurons went "What the fuck are you making us process dickhead?"..... I didn't make tapos ng book. I imagine what my neurons would say if i make basa of 50 shades in tagalog... "Tangina mo gago ka! Tigilan mo na yang kahibangan na yan!"



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